Finding Your Passion

Ever find yourself starting over, thinking – “what do I do now?”..well, I have an idea that will help you begin dreaming again about becoming passionate at what you do, and making an income to live your best life!

Here’s an idea..

Start dreaming again. Get yourself that handy dandy notebook and a kick-arse pen…and take notes! Did you know it takes 5 years for a dream to happen?

When the doors are shut, and chaos is around you – remember to get your goals started one piece at a time. I’m learning the art of patience. It is an incredible tool to use once you have mastered it.

Don’t lose hope. Keep the dream alive! I dare you to try. You will be so glad you took that step..

Many companies make money off the worker’s talents – and I think it is time to make a GREAT living by using your talents and abilities to be independent. That is probably an argument to many. I believe in self-employment. I work my best by creating things, making ideas happen, and making an income doing it.

So, where do you start? Research. What makes you different than anyone else? How are you going to do this? What makes you so special and amazing? I don’t have the answer. But, my secret: DRIVE AND HUSTLE.

Do it. Get up early. Don’t stop. A dreamer does not stop – and won’t give up until it’s good enough. You are good enough. Stop comparing yourself to others, and get up..try.

That’s my advice in this moment – through world’s okay to send out some encouragement and love to all who just want the best. And you are doing awesome just even starting with that idea!

Keep on keeping on .. sending my love.. -Leah