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Hi everyone. Part of my passion is seeing a small business grow. I enjoy working at home and seeing others flourish their business because it is the best thing ever to work from home! A few years ago, I worked in the corporate world, and that was the normal 8-5 job with an income that had us on a tight budget. Not to say that tight budgets are bad, but it was enough that my husband had to work a second job to keep us afloat. We prayed hard for answers. I went back to school, and juggling work and school was no easy task. Time flew by, and we thought we were in the right place to move to Denver to start fresh with a great job opportunity. That didn’t happen. Just days away from my husband moving, we received a call that stopped our vision and victory move. The job Tim was heading out to wasn’t promising and assuring. We would risk financially and an unsteady position in that direction, and we prayed. It was a red light moment.

What caused our move in the construction world was a hail storm that hit Billings. Its impact on people’s homes was hard. Tim’s background and experience as a third generation contractor made it an opportunity. We started our company, T.O. Jones Construction, Inc. It was no easy task. Lots of questions, rules, regulations, requirements, laws, tax information, record keeping, research, loss, and sleepless nights were involved in the process. Let me tell you, being a self employed owner is one rewarding moment that I can say in my life that I am really proud of. The ability to think- solve- and explore is limitless. And lots of prayer and trust in God was our defining moment.

Needless to say, small business works. If you put your mind and heart into it. I always loved advocating for people. This is the business for me. Not everyone can do it. It takes hard work, determination and effort, but if you stay the is possible! Be a dreamer today. Don’t look back and ask yourself those questions of why it didn’t happen..because today is a new day to start it. I work at home but it is hard work- lots of hours are put into being successful. The rewards are awesome.

Since then, we have become investors. We are planning for the future. We buy real estate and manage properties in the Billings area. I have my own PR projects and freelance for other small businesses. It has become a fun opportunity to support my friends and family in reaching their goals because I love the small business world. Seeing what it does- make your own money- pay yourself- and store away for the future. Thanks for reading. I hope you achieve those goals- and dream can today. Be encouraged and blessed today. – Leah

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