Get licensed as an independent contractor in Montana

There are more jobs out there with your name on it. Don’t let getting licensed hold you back. I can help you check every box to get licensed quickly to give you more opportunities, credibility, and higher pay.













licensing requirements

Have you seen the 15 point criteria to get licensed as a contractor? It’s a lot of red tape. Hate paperwork?  I help guide you through the fastest and easiest process to meet the 15 point criteria and take care of the all paperwork, follow up, and details. You’ll be licensed and taking bigger, better jobs in no time. I can help you with things on the list like:


business cards


itemized tool list


registered business name


business flyer


tax forms

My process

I’ll help you from start to finish gathering all the necessary documents and acquiring all the necessary business registrations to get your license. 



The licensing application can be overwhelming and cumbersome. Let me take care of the details.


Follow up with the state

I will resolve any issues or hold-ups with the state so your application doesn’t get delayed. 

get licensed

Get your license and take hold of the new opportunities that come with it.

get to work!

With your license, your credibility is established. Get more work as a trusted, licensed contractor. 

About Leah Jones

Leah has a business degree and has been running a very successful construction business for over 10 years. She is an expert in the licensing process and has helped many professionals get licensed. She will help with all the details, follow up with the state, and make sure you are credible for the jobs you want to get. 

I know what it takes to get hired for the higher paying, better construction jobs. Getting licensed and insured is essential to take your career to the next level. I will make this process easy and efficient, so you don’t have the worry about the details. 

“I have been doing construction for 10 years and know what I’m doing. But I hate paperwork. Leah helped me with all the steps, got it all submitted, followed up with the state, and now I’m licensed. Best decision ever. Now I’m making more than I ever have before.”


get licensed as an independent contractor in the state of montana